Types of Printing Services That Benefit Private Education

Printing Services for Private Education

From elementary schools to universities, there is a strong need for quality custom printing services. Educational institutions require a variety of printed materials to support learning and share valuable information with students, parents, educators, and others. More so as learners adapt to hybrid models of in-person and remote learning.

To ensure all printing service needs are met, it is important to partner with a provider that can customize in terms of size, shape, and material. Be it booklets or posters, every item will have its specifications to be met to properly fulfill its purpose.

Our printing services are available in-store and online. We undertake standardized and custom orders for a wide range of materials including:

Booklets – This includes newsletters, school magazines, catalogs, and programs. Booklets can also be used to compile student schedules, learning modules, and exercises that support remote learning.

Books – This can include guides, event planners, journals, programs, yearbooks, and other educational materials.

Postcards, cards, flyers, inserts, and brochures – These can be used to send out reminders, snippets of information, contact details, marketing materials, and announce events.

Folders – For compiling different printed materials in a convenient way that makes for easy reference.

Envelopes – Can be branded to include the school emblem and contact details. Order in standard or custom catalog-sized envelopes.

Stickers – Make learning fun and build school spirit with a range of decorative stickers learners and educators can display on their laptops and other material.

Business identity – For printed materials used to identify, share contacts, and market. Can include business cards, letterheads, branded envelopes, brochures, and marketing packets.

We can accommodate a variety of binding methods for the different booklets and books, including saddle stitch, side stitch, perfect binding, spiral binding, wire-o binding, and case binding.

Tips On Choosing Your Printing Services Provider

Request Samples – This is the best way to understand what range of materials are on offer that will serve your institution’s needs. Request a sample packet to fully gauge the quality of the different kinds of materials on offer. You can also compare pricing to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

Check On Range – There are many types of documents that require professional printing services. From newsletters and handouts to postcards and business cards, the printing services you demand can greatly vary. Ensure your provider has the skills and resources to produce whatever selection of materials you need to support your delivery of educational services.

Explore Template Designs – To enrich the quality of the educational materials you offer, you need access to an extensive range of template designs you can apply to your orders. Tap into the resources of your provider to discover the varied options available that are well-tailored to suit whatever needs and with specifications that ensure no errors.

Consult The Design Team – With the many types of printed materials schools need and audiences to be catered to, varied designs are called for. Choose a provider that can offer professional graphic design services that will get you the finished look that will engage and impress without stress.


Q. Can I send a design for my printing order?

Yes. You can upload the file and send it to us online. PDF format is the preferred option but we can also accommodate other standard file types.

Q. Do you have templates I can choose from?

Yes. We offer a range of professionally designed templates for each product category and in different sizes.

Q. How can save on my print order?

Buying in bulk can attract some discount as the price per piece is lower. The type and sizing of material can also impact the cost. Consult with us to find out what customizing can be done to better fit your budget.