Top Five Reasons Business Cards Still Matter the Most

Business Cards

Business Cards in a Digital World

As well all know, we live in a digital world. With our phones in our pockets, we have the Internet constantly available, and thus you might be forgiven for assuming that any new business that comes your way comes as a result of a search engine, your artfully designed website, your social media presence, etc.

That’s not actually the case, however. Even in today’s world, an informative, professionally designed business card is an essential tool for maintaining and growing your business. Here are five reasons why.

Business Cards Lend a Personal Touch

When you hand a person a business card, you and that individual are actually meeting face to face. There’s at least a little conversation and likely a handshake. In other words, your physical presence give you the opportunity to make a lasting first impression. That matters greatly in a busy world where email is sometimes deleted unread and a slip in a Google ranking can produce a radical decline in visits to your business website.

That first impression can incline a prospective customer or client to trust you. He or she will then be more inclined to give you business and to refer others to you. As you hand out business cards and have those invaluable face-to-face interactions, you’re building a network of relationships even as you establish your business’s brand identity.

Of course, no matter how personable you yourself may be, the physical quality of the business card contributes to that first impression too. That’s one reason professional design and quality are important. You want an appealing appearance and use of color, logos, and other elements that will makeyou look professional and trustworthy.

Business Cards Are an Easy Way to Provide Contact Information

One aspect of professional business card design is ensuring that all the contact information a client or customer might need is clearly indicated. Such being the case, the business card should at a minimum give your phone number and email address.

That said, it’s only fair to note that some phone can transmit contact information to other phones. The phones must be compatible, however, and not all phones are. Business cards are an infallible means of providing the information.

Business Cards Explain What Makes Your Business Special

Well designed business cards also explain the particular skills you and your business bring to bear that make you a superior choice. They make you stand out from the crowd and incline the recipient to turn to you in preference to your competitors.

Business Cards Are a Great Direct Marketing Tool

When you meet someone by chance, perhaps in a restaurant or airport waiting area, there’s a pretty good chance you don’t have a sign or screen advertising your business, a brochure, or a portfolio ready to hand. But you can always have some business cards in your pocket ready to give out at a moment’s notice. By doing so, you can greatly increases the odds that the prospective customer or client you just happened to run into won’t forget all about you a day later.

Business Cards Are Required in Some Cultures

Finally, if you’ve ever done business in Hong Kong, for example, you know that someone with whom you might do business will invariably offer his or her business card, and you need one to offer in return. If you don’t have one, you can wave goodbye to your hopes of ever making a deal with that individual or selling your product or service to him or her.

We hope this information has been useful. If you need expertly designed and printed business cards or have any other printing need, we invite you to contact AmeriPrint.