The Incredible Return on Fleet Graphics for Your Business

Fleet Graphics

There are dozens of reasons that anyone who operates a fleet of vehicles should consider having fleet graphics installed. There can also be just as many benefits. From better visibility to more profits, vehicle graphics offer a whole lot of opportunities.

The problem is that not very many people know much about them. In fact, they may very well be the most underused form of marketing and brand exposure out there. Many bosses and managers admit to never even having thought about them during marketing sessions. This creates a great chance for more out-of-the-box thinkers to jump on a golden opportunity.

That’s why the folks here at AmeriPrint Printing and Imaging want all of our clients and neighbors know that we are here to provide that opportunity to them. We offer quality fleet and auto advertising at affordable prices.

Why Vehicle Graphics Stand Out

There are several ways that accessories such as car wraps and other similar products are more noticeable than other ads. For instance, a recent survey found that 96% of people thought fleet wraps provided a more memorable image than billboards. If you think about it, how many billboards do you pass in a day? And every one of them has an ad, don’t they?

Now, how many vehicles have an ad on them? Very few, correct? That in itself makes the ad more noticeable. Add to that the fact that you see that billboard everyday and you no longer even look at it when you pass by. Seeing a car or truck with vehicle graphics is usually a one-time or a first time event. Therefore, it catches your attention. Here are a few more ways graphics and decals are better at grabbing attention:

  • Fleet decals are usually colorful and eye-catching
  • People tend to stare at and read car wraps when in stalled traffic
  • Vehicle wraps remind people of services or goods they need
  • Mobility means your advertisement is always moving and reaching new audiences

AmeriPrint proudly serves the New Orleans, LA and surrounding areas for all their fleet graphics needs.

How Fleet Graphic Help Your Business

That was just one example of one type of advertisement you get out on the road. There are also radio commercials where people usually just change the station. The point is that vehicle wraps and other forms of fleet advertising are very effective. And since so many people in business are unaware of the hidden potential in this area, the chance to take advantage of it is just waiting there!

What Kind of Options Are There?

There are a lot of different choices when it comes to the specific type of material and design for your car, truck or van. We have nearly unlimited options in size, shape, color, background, text style, and font, as well as several other details. With so many choices from AmeriPrint there is a lot to think about. Something that requires very little thought, however, is the fact that this is an opportunity that you can’t let pass. Here are just some of the options you have for your vehicle marketing:

  • Full wraps
  • Partial wraps
  • Decals
  • Graphics

What Kind of Businesses Do Fleet Graphics Help?

Any kind of business that would benefit from effective advertising. Our most common and regular clients include service industry contractors such as electricians, plumbers and carpenters. However, we serve a wide range of companies and industries. We have installed fleet graphics on courier vehicles, for car clubs, independent sales reps and countless others. And of course, emergency and first responder vehicles are always a top priority at AmeriPrint.

So if you are ready to take your advertising and brand awareness to the next level, simply give us a call and speak with our design and printing experts today. We would be glad to help you.