Truck Wraps

Truck Wraps

Truck Wraps Increase Your Exposure and Cash Flow

The term “vehicle vinyl wrap” refers to the process of completely or partly covering the original paint of a car or truck with a protective vinyl wrap of a different color or the same color with a different finish, like gloss, matte or clear. Regarding vinyl truck wraps, they’re large rolls of vinyl film with digitally printed graphics and lettering designed to dramatically transform the appearance of a pickup, Jeep, SUV, or rig. Used as a way to instantly alter a truck’s look, truck wraps are perfect for businesses that want to promote their brand or for individuals who wish to make a statement about their personality, beliefs, or interests.

Since truck wraps can either fully or partially cover a vehicle’s body, they’re ideal for satisfying your special needs and desires. Whether you want to transform a small to mid-sized pickup for personal or business use or a full-size dually for a construction firm or commercial fleet, our wide array of distinctive, colorful custom truck wraps will make your vehicle stand out and be noticed by everyone who sees it.

How Does a Truck Wrap Work?

Truck wraps are vinyl sheets with adhesive backs, much like decals, and come in a wide range of colors and designs. When the vinyl is applied, it adheres to your truck’s body like a paint job, providing a durable, smooth, professional-looking finish. However, unlike decals, which might look great for a while but soon begin to peel and lose their color, vinyl truck wraps are designed to last and retain their appearance for many years of use.

Truck wraps are perfect options for those who want to give their vehicle a spanking new look, whether it’s a different color, a distinctive design or a novel texture, which might include:

  • carbon fiber
  • alligator skin
  • sequins
  • brushed metal, and more.

Whatever type of look you are after, a custom truck wrap from AmeriPrint Printing and Imaging can help you achieve your goal!

Truck Wraps

Which Parts of a Truck can be Vinyl Wrapped?

It might be better to ask the question, “Which parts of a truck can’t be wrapped?” You can wrap your entire truck with a full-body wrap or apply one or more smaller wraps to specific areas of the truck. Some of the parts that may be wrapped include:

  • Fenders
  • Hoods
  • Doors
  • Roofs
  • Bumpers
  • Rocker panels
  • Tailgates
  • Head and taillights
  • Mirrors

To provide a more subtle splash of color, you might want to wrap just your rocker panels or another less conspicuous place. However, for the greatest visual effect, it’s best to use a full vinyl wrap with colorful lettering and eye-catching graphics to promote your brand, create more business and improve your bottom line.

Being attention-grabbing mobile billboards, our premium, high-resolution vinyl truck wraps make a lasting impression and provide consistent exposure of your business as you drive around in the city or country. Unlike stationary billboards and other types of conventional outdoor ads, vinyl-wrapped trucks are always on the move, exposing your company to a constant stream of potential new customers on the streets and sidewalks and in buildings along the way. This makes wraps much better marketing tools than non-moving ads, which don’t get as many views per day.

Vinyl truck wraps offer low-cost, no-maintenance advertising and portable branding wherever you and your team go, and also when you’re parked. Creatively conceived full truck wraps in vivid colors attract people’s attention from all angles. And partial vinyl truck graphics get noticed from certain strategic angles; for example, the rear end of your truck, if you have a tailgate wrap. Either approach can create a powerful marketing effect for any company, large or small. So, don’t let the chance to expose your business to new patrons each day slip away. And if you’re concerned about truck wrap cost, you can go for the more cost-efficient option of a partial wrap, which is a great long-term advertising tool with very little upfront expense.

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What are the Different Types of Truck Wraps?

Custom vinyl truck wraps can be applied in many ways to a variety of truck types, such as the following:

Roofing Truck Wraps

Roofing contractors most often provide top-quality work and good value for their customers, but often overlook the need to drive cool-looking trucks to grow their businesses. With an eye-catching custom vinyl truck wrap, either full or partial, you can be assured of constant advertising for your company both on the road and while parked at a job site or elsewhere.

Plumbing Truck Wraps

To ensure that your plumbing truck doesn’t veer off-course in terms of its advertising potential, it’s important to recognize your truck’s value as a marketing and company branding tool. Let our highly experienced vehicle wrap designers bring out the potential of your plumbing truck or fleet today!

Semi-Truck Wraps

No semi-truck is too big to handle for our highly skilled design shop experts with years of experience wrapping trucks of all shapes and sizes. Each vinyl wrap for a semi is custom designed by our team.

Box Truck Wraps

Why throw away your money on traditional advertising when you can reach countless new clients and promote your business with a well-designed and colorful box truck wrap? Box truck wraps are fast becoming one of the most cost-effective ways to get a company recognized, so why not join in on the action?

Tailgate Wraps

Truck tailgate wraps are an effective way to add a powerful, low-cost marketing tool to your company ride. Tailgate wraps can be customized by adding a name, design, logo or anything else you want in a truck graphic that uniquely expresses your company’s message.

Van Wraps

Vans are among today’s most frequently used commercial vehicle types, providing important services and making deliveries for countless businesses around the world. You can transform your plain-looking service van into a mobile billboard in no time with a customizable van wrap, which can help you present a professional, credible image and advertise your business at the same time.

Promote Your Brand with AmeriPrint

At AmeriPrint, we care about our customers. We take pride in working with clients to maintain brand consistency throughout all printed material. Our goal is to help your brand stand out beyond the competition.

Increase Your Exposure with a Custom Truck Wrap

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