Social Distancing Decals & Floor Graphics

Social Distancing Decals & Floor Graphics

What Are Social Distancing Graphics?

Researchers have found that people are not very good at approximating distance, especially those living in dense urban areas. However, social distancing decals can make it easy for people to keep their distance. They are the use of directional signage and floor decals to denote where to stand to comply with social distancing. Public health officials around the world have said, a minimum distance of six feet helps limit exposure to infection. By placing social distancing decals, the appropriate distance apart, you can help your customers maintain these standards. Additionally, they will assist your business in conforming to regulations set forth by local health departments.


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How Can Floor Graphics Be Used In My Business?

Does your business have an effective way to maintain distance between customers in checkout lines and curbside pickup areas? If you answered “no” or if your measures are some masking tape you may want to consider professional directional signage. Floor decals look great and they convey standards and instructions while inspiring confidence. They help to tell the customers that your business is serious about their safety and their health. In addition, they are much more efficient at communicating where people should stand and how to move. This makes them especially useful in busy essential businesses such as grocery stores, banks, hardware stores, gas stations, and others. Pre-printed social distancing decals plainly indicate safe distances in public areas, allowing customers to shop without close contact. They can help your business adhere to local guidelines, keep your customers safe, and keep your employees healthy.

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Where are Some Effective Locations for Social Distancing Signs?

The effective placement of directional signage is extremely important. This means placing social distancing decals and floor graphics in easy to notice spots. A great place to start is placing a decal on the front door that reminds patrons of social distancing standards. In addition, placing signs in high traffic areas on the floor can reinforce new traffic patterns. For example, if your business uses one-way aisles floor decals should be placed at the front of each aisle. The most important part is around the checkout area and directional signage every six feet can be highly effective here. In fact, any areas where there is a congregation of customers is great to strategically place social distancing decals.

Social Distancing Decals & Floor Graphics

Types of Social Distancing Signs

There are many different types of social distancing signage such as.

Vibrant, semi-permanent decals can be placed on laminate, tile, hardwood, sealed concrete, and other non-porous surfaces. Durable and slip-free these decals let customers just where to wait in line.

Colorful decals that can be placed doors, windows, or any smooth surface.

Directional signage that can be used indoors or out.

Printed on durable card stock with vibrant UV inks in sizes up to 98” x 48”.

Large vinyl banners with the addition of grommets making them easy to display just about anywhere.

Designed specifically for outdoor use, these decals are weather and abrasion-resistant. They are slip-free, conformable to uneven or unsmooth areas, and easy to install without special tools.

Weather-resistant aluminum directional signage designed to put up with the harshness of mother nature.

Versatile corrugated plastic yard signs. They can be placed into the ground with wire stakes, put into frames, or hung in a variety of ways.

Portable and lightweight foam board signs are quick and easy to display.

Similar to floor decals but specially designed and constructed to stick to low pile carpet. They are slip-free and durable making them perfect for areas with carpet.

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