Single Use Disposable Menus

Single Use Disposable Menus

These uncertain times have surely made a significant impact on all our lives

From social distancing at the grocery stores to only takeout and curbside pickup at the restaurants. Times like these are making us rethink the ways we do things. No other industry is suffering more than the restaurant industry right now. Many health departments have imposed strict limitations on typical business practices. These include how many people can be inside, how far apart they must be, and even the use of disposable menus.


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What Are Disposable Menus?

Disposable menus are single-use menus that can be disposed of or recycled after use. Designed to limit contact between customers and inhibit the spread of infectious disease. These types of menus are a great way for restaurants to show their customers that the appropriate measures are taken to protect them. They can help to inspire confidence in your business’s safety while helping to protect guests and employees alike. Additionally, some health departments have enacted rules and regulations that require the use of many single-use products including disposable menus. As they can be bought in bulk a single-use restaurant menu is the safest option. After each use, they can be thrown away or recycled safeguarding no point of contact between guests.

Paper restaurant menus also make for a simple and effective advertising tool. This is still a great use for disposable menus. In addition, a colorful and fun disposable menu can also be used to communicate with your customers. They can let them know you are still open, menu changes, operational changes, or any other rules to follow. Disposable menus can do a lot more for your business than just comply with health standards.

How Can Single-Use Menus Be Affordable?

The key here is to buy in bulk. Single-use menus can be bought as little as 50 pieces up to 100,000 pieces. The more you buy, the more cost-effective the disposable menus can be. Other factors to consider while designing a menu are size, paper type, how it is folded, and how many sides are printed. All of these choices can have an impact on the overall cost of each piece. The simpler a design is, and fewer colors it uses, the less expensive it will be. However, a large, elaborate piece with many colors and design flairs will be substantially more expensive. When considering single-use menus you should think about what kind of design fits your needs. Always take into consideration your budget when designing your menu as well. These simple tips can help make disposable menus an affordable option for your business.

Single Use Disposable Menus

Types of Disposable Menus

These menus are designed to be used one time and then thrown into the garbage or recycled. The purpose is to remove the point of contact between customers, thus removing the risk of transmitting infection. Single-use menus area an excellent way to comply with local health regulations as most areas are requiring their use for restaurants to reopen. These menus can be printed on a variety of materials and designed to match your business.

These simple menus are made of paper. The great thing about them is they are cheap to produce and easy to recycle. Paper menus can be ordered in as little as 50 or as many 100,000. The more you purchase the less expensive they become. Paper menus can be vibrant and beautiful while still complying with local health department regulations.

Before the virus and the fear of infection spread throughout the world almost every restaurant had a takeout menu. Traditionally packed with a takeout or delivery order. Many people have a drawer or a spot at home filled with takeout menus that they use when ordering in the future. Additionally, they are an excellent way to advertise while also conveying what items your customer can get for takeout.

Pretty similar to a takeout menu, but sometimes with a different look or a limited selection. These inexpensive menus can be small and used when a customer is looking for something fast. They are especially useful for lunch specials as the to-go menu is oftentimes far more limited than the entire menu.

Use Of Disposable Menus?

Many local health departments require disposable menus to comply with new regulations. They also help to inspire confidence in customers showing that your business is doing everything it can to ensure their safety and the safety of your employees. When designing a single-use menu it will be helpful to think about your customer and their situation. In some cases, it might be a good idea to have a different single-use menu for different customers. For example, if a customer walks in and clearly wants a lunch special then a to-go menu would probably be the right choice. In addition, if a customer orders delivery a takeout menu can be put into the bag. This menu could have coupons or other specials printed on it to entice them to order again next time they are hungry.

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