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Need a vinyl banner? Look no further. We can make your banner dreams come true. We provide fast, reliable, service with competitive pricing. Indoor or outdoor, we have you covered–literally. Banners can be an effective way to reach potential clients and sell products almost anywhere. Let us help you spread your message, lean on our accomplished design team and our state-of-the-art printing equipment to get you noticed.

We offer custom-made vinyl banners, and as our Metairie LA customers have discovered, vinyl (specifically, flexible vinyl as opposed to the rigid kind used in PVC pipes) is an ideal material for this purpose. It’s light but durable enough to last for years. It’s also easy to hang vinyl banners from bungees or ropes.


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Vinyl banners come in a number of sizes. Similarly, there are banners intended for indoor use only, those intended for both indoor and outdoor use, premium outdoor banners made to stand up especially well to the elements, and mesh banners that are outdoor banners perforated to let the wind blow through. High res banners are indoor banners with especially sharp graphics printed on smooth vinyl. As the name suggests, double sided banners are printed on both sides, and window signs are banners that, when hung in a window, provide signage while still allowing you to see out from the inside.

Banners with an interior layer called scrim gain strength at the cost of a bit of richness in the print quality because the vinyl isn’t as smooth. Because banners without scrim are weaker, though, they’re only recommended for indoor use.

Custom made vinyl banners have a variety of uses. You often see them employed to proclaim big sales and promotions. Professionals use them to draw attention to their businesses and products at trade fairs, farmer’s markets, and many another event.

Whatever use you have in mind, the experts at AmeriPrint will create one that perfectly fits your need. We’ll provide a design, high quality materials, and full color high resolution printing that guarantee results.

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