Print Marketing in a Digital Age

Why Print Marketing?

This, we are told, is the age of digital marketing. Businesses need a frequently updated, user-friendly website, a robust social media presence, and measure like drip email marketing to succeed, and there’s no doubt that many companies have found such resources and strategies useful if not downright indispensable.

Yet even so, many businesses never abandoned print ad campaigns complete with tactics like promotional postcards, door hanger marketing, flyers, and the like, and other businesses that tried to do without print marketing are returning to it. There are multiple reasons why.

Print Marketing Is Tactile

This is something so obvious you might be inclined not to even think about it, and yet the consequences are important. Print marketing materials are physically present. You perceive them with all five senses. You touch them with your hand, and humans are by nature a tactile species. This gives them an immediacy not afforded by images on a screen. It fosters psychological ownership, a sense of connection between the print marketing message and the person looking at it. That can only bolster awareness of your brand.

Print Marketing Has More of an Impact and Is More Memorable

We’re inundated with ads on the screens of our smartphones, tablets, and computers. By and large, they run together, an effect that is only magnified as we click rapidly from one screen to another. Print marketing in whatever form slows a person down. By its very nature, it detaches a person from the barrage of electronic images and information and focuses his or her attention on your print marketing materials and your print marketing materials alone. Thus it’s highly likely to make more of an impression and stick in the mind.

If anything, that’s even truer now that digital marketing is so ubiquitous. These days, most consumers are too shrewd or too savvy to see an ad on the Internet and impulsively make an immediate purchase. Odds are, they’ll do some comparison-shopping before buying. For that reason, advertising they’re sure to remember is even more valuable. (You can make your print marketing even more memorable by availing yourself of information like color psychology and incorporating it into your design methods.)

Print Marketing Creates Synergy

When you combine print marketing with digital marketing, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. One heightens the effectiveness of the other. Once again, you can make the most of this synergy by simple measures like print marketing materials that refer potential customers to landing sites and social media. If you’ve got the resources to create virtual reality or augmented reality, you can fashion a print piece that also works as a viewer.

So be sure to include print marketing in your next marketing strategy, and for expert professional help, turn to AmeriPrint. We have the knowhow to handle all your print marketing needs.