How a Custom Roofing Truck Wrap Can Help Grow Your Business

Roofing Truck Wrap

Custom truck wraps are an increasingly popular way to brand and promote a business across a wide geographical area. Whether you own a startup company with one vehicle or an established business with a large fleet, well-designed truck wraps can give you an eye-catching and money-making way to advertise that will reap great rewards both now and in the future.

For businesses looking to make the most of their marketing resources, there’s no better way than using vinyl truck wraps, which are both cost effective and offer a great return on your investment. Because of the higher price tags of full vehicle wraps, they may be beyond the budgets of smaller companies. However, it’s still possible for businesses with fewer resources to profit from the use of truck wraps by reducing the square footage of their truck’s graphics. Through a creative and attention-grabbing design, a low-cost partial wrap can be just as effective as a full wrap for advertising across a wide area.

Roofing Company Truck Wraps Increase Your Exposure and Cash Flow

When it comes to roofing companies, if you’re cash is limited and truck wrap cost is an issue, you can save money by using a partial wrap like a tailgate wrap on your vehicle or fleet. The three basic principles of success for roofing contractors are:

  • Always do top-quality work
  • Provide consistently good value to your customers
  • Drive awesome trucks!

Most people in the roofing business follow the first two of these principles but often overlook the third. If your trucks aren’t tricked-out with eye-catching graphics, brilliant colors, and cool-looking company logos, you may be missing out on a lot of business from:

  • People who see your truck as you’re driving on the street or highway
  • Pedestrians who pass your moving or parked truck while walking on the sidewalk
  • People in homes, stores, and other buildings who see your truck from their windows.

For these reasons, roofers who really want to increase their customer base would be wise to reap the many benefits that the rolling billboards known as truck wraps can offer. To take your business to the next level and keep it moving forward for years to come, you need to use the right equipment to impress potential customers.

A Moving Billboard on Your Truck Can Have Wide-ranging Effects

On average, people in the US spend 15 hours a week in a vehicle, either as drivers or passengers. Americans in certain age groups can be hard to influence through TV advertising. However, they’re constantly being exposed to outdoor ads. Drivers and passengers thus make up a critical audience for advertising in US media markets of all sizes, whether in the city or the country.  When your roofing truck is beautifully wrapped, all it takes is one quick glance of its dazzling exterior to make a strong impression. After noting your company name, people can look you up on the internet and check out your services, pricing, company history, and customer testimonials. Then, once they get the basic facts, they can call you to get more details and hopefully ask for a rough job quote or a visit by your team for a more detailed estimate.

Some Statistics on the Effectiveness of Truck Wraps

Your company vehicle or fleet offers a moving public announcement that shows your level of professionalism and the nature of your business. High-quality, engaging truck wraps featuring your roofing company’s name and logo inspire confidence in both current and potential customers you encounter in person or on the road. Thus, a well-designed and visually exciting vehicle wrap is a highly efficient way to communicate your company’s message and values.  According to a study by the American Trucking Association, nine out of ten people who pass you on the road will observe your truck’s graphic display. And recent research by a US marketing company on the visual effects of truck ads in traffic showed that:

  • 97% of viewers say they can remember seeing truck ads
  • 75% of ad viewers form an opinion about a company and what it has to offer
  • 98% say that truck graphics give them a positive image of a company’s brand

For these reasons, roofing truck wraps provide a valuable tool for growing your business, as they reach a large number of people with your brand message without the need to spend huge sums on online ads and other promotions.

A Summary of the Benefits

Roofing truck wraps may just be the most intelligent and cost-effective solution to all of your advertising needs. Here are five good reasons that a well-designed and engaging truck wrap can be great for your business:

  1. It provides unrivaled visibility to potential customers.
  2. It leaves a lasting impression on those who see it.
  3. It offers a colorful, eye-catching mobile billboard that enhances your brand.
  4. It’s a highly cost-effective marketing tool.
  5. It helps to level the playing field between small and large roofing companies.

If you’re either a small roofing contractor or a large one who is looking for a highly effective, money-making, and easy-to-use marketing strategy, you should think about using a truck wrap campaign for your business. When you wrap your company vehicle or fleet in a powerful graphic display promoting your service, you reach a great number of people with very little effort. This makes truck ads one of the most effective marketing tools available today.  Instead of promoting your roofing company in trade magazines, on billboards, online, or on radio or TV, use a truck wrap to advertise. In this way, you’ll be taking your message out to the world instead of waiting and hoping that the world will come to you. Call Ameriprint today for a free quote!