7 Ways Your Local Printer Can Help You Relocate Your Business

There is far more to relocating a business than just moving equipment, furniture, and employees to the new address. When we relocated our offices we realized that once we set up, we no longer had the same flow of customers as before. Despite the better location with larger floor space, we saw a marked reduction in footfall.

The reason behind it was a lack of information. We failed to properly notify our clients of the move in good time and through appropriate channels. Though we did not move far, just a few blocks, they had no idea where to find us and some wound up switching to competitors. This was a valuable lesson that we now eagerly pass on to our business clients that are also looking to make a move.

Here are some of the ways your local printer can help you get your next move better organized and clients well-informed.

1. Flyers

These simple sheets of paper can be great for sharing information on upcoming events. You can place them on a reception desk, load them in a brochure holder, or pin them to a noticeboard like mini-posters. You can even have someone hand them out in person at a busy corner or insert them in other marketing materials.

Create an eye-catching design and ensure you include all the salient points including, when the move will happen, the full address of the new location, and updated contact details.

2. Business Cards

Even small businesses tend to make use of business cards. They are an affordable way to make connections. These cards are often shared with clients, peers, suppliers, and other leads at all kinds of events and situations. They are a good way to engage with leads and promote your brand.

They usually indicate contact information. With a move, you may likely need to change phone numbers. You can even include a small map as a visual aid indicating your new location. Ensure your employees stop distributing the old cards early on and switch to updated ones.

3. Letterhead

Businesses use leatherheads for all kinds of official communications. It adds a touch of professionalism and officialdom. Besides the business name, it also often indicates the address and contact details. Have your local printer refresh your stock of letterheads to reflect the new address and contact details for the new location. You may even want to consider an update to your letterhead design to reinvigorate the image of your brand alongside the move.

4. Posters

These can be an even better option than flyers as they are larger and therefore more noticeable. For businesses that rely on local clientele, as we do, this is a good way to communicate a change in the business. You can include a visual map showing how far the new location is, or even a QR code they can scan and will take them to the map location on their phone. Find as many physical locations where you can connect with your target clientele and place posters notifying them of your move. You can couple this with a flyer or card holder they can pick from. Or, use a tear-off design that lets them walk away with the details in hand.


These are another affordable marketing tool you can use to share new information with audiences. You can insert them in brochures, have them distributed as inserts in local papers or at events. They are simple but very useful and appreciated when received. Each time a person sees the bookmark they are reminded of your new address and contact details. This can be reinforced with the aid of a small map or location QR code.

6. Newsletters

These are a good way to update potential and existing clients of new products and other important information about the business. It is a good opportunity to announce your move and ensure people know where to find you when the time comes. You can add a flyer or new business card that will be more easily kept handy for reference.

7. Create a Q&A Fact Sheet

This can be included on a poster or flyer to share more information about the move and why it was necessary for the business. Here are some sample Q&As we created for ourselves that you can include:

  1. Why are we excited about moving?
  2. The new location offers us more square footage that can better accommodate our growing business and clientele. It also provides our clients more parking space and our team better rear access for our shipping and receiving.
  3. How does the move better our business?
  4. With a bigger space we can better showcase our new and existing range of products. The building has a better layout to accommodate client services, modern facilities for customer and employee comfort, and rear loading access that allows us to undertake shipping and receiving without interfering with the main floor. It is also a more centralized and convenient location for our clients to find us.

If you need help relocating your Metarie LA business, give Ameriprint a call today!