6 Ways to Increase Your Sales with Custom Vinyl Banners & Signs

Vinyl Banners

In these unprecedented times of difficulty on businesses, finding new ways to reach customers and increase profits becomes paramount. For many business owners it has nothing to do with greed or expectations; it’s about survival. Estimates range anywhere from 20% to 40% of small businesses will not return after the pandemic. Those that do will do so by finding new ways to promote their products and services and close deals. Here are 6 simple examples of how vinyl banners and signs can do just that:

1. Stand Out Among Your Competitors

Chances are that most of your business rivals and those who offer similar products and services are investing all of their marketing resources into digital mediums. This leaves real-world advertising wide open for anyone willing to buck the trends and blaze their own path. By using signs and banners, you give people a look at your brand and/or product somewhere other than the internet.

Considering the fact that numerous studies have shown how quickly people dismiss images and text they see online, it only makes sense to invest in a marketing strategy that has proven its worth over several decades.

2. Use Them to Upsell Existing Customers

For in-store advertising, this is a fantastic technique for upselling your clients to more (or more expensive) products and services. Think about the last time that you were somewhere that you already do business at. Perhaps you saw signs for a new or improved product. Since you already have an established relationship with that company, it becomes much easier to take a chance on something new or different that they offer.

3. Target Your Local Area

When implementing this type of marketing strategy, it is very important to start heavily in your own local region. While this might seem obvious, with the rise of internet marketing and global clientele, many owners are forgetting this principle. Making sure that your customers not only know who you are and what you offer, but also where you are can make a big difference in your traffic, both in-person and online.

4. Advertise Special Promotions & Sales

Getting the word out on deals and special events should be top priority for any business owner. However, the best way to do it may be up for debate. While marketing to previous clients is clearly the first step, introducing the promotions to new customers is next. Banners with bright, eye-catching colors and a clear image of your brand are best, while also making sure that the sale is plainly displayed as well.

5. Place Them Strategically to Increase Visibility

This is where a little local marketing research comes in really handy. Knowing what establishments that your target audience frequents, what side of town they live on, as well as what their daily commute may look like can give you a tremendous insight into where the best places to advertise may be. Not only that, but if you are trying to increase your foot traffic you can use signs and banners to lead people directly to your location.

This is the equivalent of “killing two birds with one stone” in the sense that you introduce potential new clients to what it is that you offer while also informing them about where to find you.

6. Boost Website Traffic

With all of this talk about real-world advertising and the benefits it can bring to your business, it is easy to get the idea that banners and signs might not be too helpful with digital marketing. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Remember, your signs will display whatever message you want to get out. If you are pushing your website, advertising your web address on your banner gives people the chance to check out your company immediately after seeing your advertisement.

Don’t be one of the business related casualties of 2020. Find your own unique voice and presence with traditional or custom vinyl signs and banners. At AmeriPrint, our talented marketing experts can help you develop an in-depth and detailed strategy just for you. In a world where all of your competitors are flooding the digital markets, wouldn’t you like a place to separate yourself from them? Get in touch with us to learn how.